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From primetime television to the web, we bring your stories to viewers around the world.

Independent Lens

Airing weekly on PBS, this Emmy Award-winning series is television’s leading showcase of independent documentaries — and made by ITVS-funded filmmakers. Watch fascinating human stories that spark conversation about the world’s most pressing issues.

Featured Independent Lens Films

Indie Lens Storycast

Discover the funny, strange, and dynamic world we live in, only on YouTube.

Featured Indie Lens Storycast Films

Global Voices

Meet inspiring individuals from communities across the globe, from India to Ethiopia and El Salvador to Iraq.

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Explore the future in our groundbreaking series of interactive and interconnected sci-fi shorts. Written and directed by indie filmmakers and digital storytellers.


Women of the World

Join our global movement. Follow women and girls as they face challenges and triumph over adversity, inspiring communities to create real-life solutions to gender inequality.

Featured Women of the World Films